Time management is one of the project’s most valuable assets. As such, we fully understand the importance of milestones presented by our customers and business partners. When we manage scheduling and preparation routines, we emphasize safety, quality, and efficiency (i.e., the time frame) in that order. Thanks to the skill of our construction crews, we are often able to complete our specified tasks within a project even before we reach the deadlines that our clients have shown us. Our teams are made up of ambitious, yet experienced and responsible individuals who do very well under the stress and stress of the job.

However, as a company, we also recognize the important role that scheduling and planning play in developing an effective monitoring and control framework, mitigating potential project risks, and maximizing resource management efficiency in order to complete any construction projects in a timely manner.

As a result, Pramit Construction Branch’s administrative staff closely monitor the project status and our assets as well as the milestones that have been established. We document every task and event that we perform on behalf of our clients and the activities of each individual construction team member can be tracked chronologically if necessary. In accordance with established regulations, we analyze the statistics and data in our reports to further increase the level of competence and efficiency of our construction crews. Our management welcomes dialogue with – and feedback from – our customers. To complete our tasks on time and in a safe manner, we adapt our internal scheduling according to the workflow and the customer’s current needs.

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