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Pramit Construction was founded in 1987 and we established our first office in Scandinavia in 2012.

Pramit Construction is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded by five brothers in 1987 and is still a family-owned business. Pramit Construction currently has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Over the years, we have built a strong platform in Germany and Turkey. Nowadays, our company is well anchored in the Swedish construction industry and its regulations. We are mainly concerned with the art of building and the construction of bridges, tunnels and office buildings. We have even participated in niche construction projects such as the construction of airports. While we excel at providing civil infrastructure construction services for bridges, tunnels, roads and tunnel technology for sustainable urban development, we also offer our expertise in construction services such as apartment construction, the construction of office space, airports and other commercial construction projects to our customers in a condition that suits their needs. As a company, we are currently employing a total of over 200 employees in Germany, Sweden and Turkey to meet the demands of our business partners. Why should you choose us? Due to over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and our participation in many prestigious projects in our host countries, we are well aware that within the framework of a construction assignment, crucial elements such as the correct execution of assembly, supervision, maintenance and repair must be carried out by a moderately skilled workforce supervised by qualified and expert engineers. That’s why Pramit’s board, administrative staff and construction teams work closely together in symbiosis in a professional and efficient manner. All this – so that we can successfully achieve the milestones and goals of a given project in a timely manner while also meeting the requirements of the highest standards of safety and quality control requested by our customers.

Certainly, Pramit Construction Filial processes each project individually and provides you with the best solutions for your plans. However, we are also aware that construction projects – depending on their nature – can have dynamic requirements and conditions. The importance of our customers to us can thus be observed in view of the flexibility that we offer in our efforts to meet your requirements. Our flexibility can also be seen through a glance at our construction crews and staff, which consists of both older, experienced veteran workers working alongside our younger, energetic colleagues. Our marketing strategy emphasizes this flexibility and diversity, which in turn gives our company the confidence and encouragement needed to establish our businesses in new markets in order to meet new potential customers across a wide range of opportunities.

At Pramit Construction, we always strive to work closely with our project members and customers. We believe that effective communication skills, constructive discussions and new ideas are all the most important elements to the successful management of your project. While we emphasize above all safety and quality in our operations, we also understand that the given time frame, i.e. the milestones and completion date of a given project, is of crucial nature for our employers and business partners. Therefore, we can proudly state that Pramit Construction Filial is not only able to meet the deadlines presented to us, but we are also able to exceed them as we have often done when carrying out the construction works in previous projects.

Finally, we would like to point out that for us, our customers are more than just good sources of reference. For our company, a satisfied customer is the quintessence of our continued development and success. We are grateful for the opportunities and collaborations that our past and current business partners have offered us. At Pramit Construction, we are aware that it is thanks to our customers and our good reputation that we have been able to run our business triumphantly in the construction industry for many years.

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