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In collaboration with the Swedish Construction Federation, we always strive to develop a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. To this end, we conduct our business in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the organization. As a member of the Swedish Construction Federation, we at Pramit Construction Filial conduct expert management of our labor relationships and forms of pay with our employees, which in turn helps us to reduce the risk of possible conflicts of interest with our partners within the framework of a broad spectrum including the collective agreement.

Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

We work proactively and follow our company policy word for word in order to prevent conflicts. That – so that we can achieve a peaceful working environment and freedom of work. Thanks to our membership in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Pramit Construction Filial has access to the association's broad expertise, which helps us to offer our business partners a dynamic yet sustainable and professional collective agreement, etc.

German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Pramit Construction Filial is a member of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. In the areas of corporate tax law, payroll administration, accounting and environmental reporting, MEPs ensure that the company's members conduct their business in a professional manner. Our company; Pramit Construction Filial, acts in accordance with and meets the requirements of the standards set by the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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