Our company specializes in concrete works, installation & removal of formwork, reinforcement, bricklaying and earthworks. Emphasizing safety, quality and efficiency, we always endeavor to find the best solution for your projects.

» Concrete construction

Regarding concrete works, we are proficient in both structural engineering and building underground structures. Engineering infrastructure such as roads, highways & tunnels, and construction of commercial & residential high-rise buildings can be considered as examples among the list of services that we offer to our partners within the scope of our concrete works. For further information and illustration, please take a look at our different projects like; Weser Aue Tunnel- Porta Westfalica, Airport Terminal Hamburg, New Fair Hamburg, Mansion Quarter Andresengarten – Hamburg and DKV office building – Köln.

» Formwork

Here at Pramit construction, we understand that the choice of form¬work is very important for the successful completion of your project. Due to our company’s many years of experience within the field, as well as the competence and experience of our specialists, we believe that we have what it takes to successfully manage and execute your project, in accordance to your expectations. We are also comfortable discussing the choice of formwork and it’s appliance with our partners, in case we are presented with a request to use a specific brand of formwork for the project.

» Reinforcement

Along with several other factors, one of the most important components that effects the structural durability of the concrete are the reinforcement bars. Wrong choice of rebar or faulty installation can inter alia cause the formation of cracks along the surface of the concrete. In a worst-case scenario, even the structural integrity of the concrete can be compromised. Similar failures can also be caused by chemical reaction in the lap splices. Reinforcement works is one of Pramit Construction’s premiere areas of expertise, and you can trust us to handle our reinforcement duties expertly and responsibly.