In all our schedule management & preparation procedures, we emphasize safety, quality and efficiency (time) in that order. Thanks to the efforts of our construction crews, we can often finish our designated tasks within a project even before we reach the deadlines given to us by our clients. Our teams consist of ambitious, yet experienced and responsible workers who do exceptionally well under stress and duress when the job requires it. We fully recognize the importance of time limits that have been presented to us by our clients and business partners.

But we - as a company - also realize the vital role that scheduling & planning plays in developing an effective monitoring and controlling framework, reducing project risks and maximizing resource efficiency for the completing of any construction project.

schedule management

That’s why Pramit Construction Filial’s administrative personnel constantly keeps a close eye on the status of the project & our assets, as well as the milestones that has been established. We document every task and process that has been executed by us on behalf of our clients, and the activities of each individual team member can be tracked if necessary. We analyses the data in our reports to further increase the efficiency of our construction crews. Our management teams welcome dialog with- and feedback from our clients. In order to finish the works in a most timely and satisfactory manner, we adjust our internal time schedules in accordance to the workflow and our client’s needs.