The German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce (Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren)

Pramit Construction Filial is a member of the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. In regards to corporate tax laws & regulations, salary administration, bookkeeping and environmental reporting, the Chamber ensures that its corporate members are conducting their business in a most professional manner. Our company; Pramit Construction Filial, complies with the high standards of business that the German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce stipulates.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprises (Svenskt Näringsliv)

Pramit Construction Filial’s company policy dictates that we take a pro-active stance in preventing conflicts to achieve labor peace. Thanks to our membership in The Confederation of Swedish Enterprises, Pramit Construction Filial benefits from the Confederations expertise in offering our business associates a dynamic yet sustainable, attractive and professional collective bargaining agreement.

The Swedish Construction Federation (Byggföretagen)

In association with the Swedish Construction Federation, we always strive to develop a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. To this end; we are conducting our works in accordance with the rules & regulations set forth by the federation. Furthermore; as a member of the Swedish Construction Federation, our company conducts an expert management of employee relations and wage forms, resulting in minimalizing any conflicts of interests within the scope of the collective agreement with our associative partners.