Pramit Construction can catapult the careers of aspiring engineers and construction workers to new heights within the construction industry, providing them with necessary environment, experience, tools and management to insure our mutual success. Our company is also without a doubt a welcoming home to experienced members of the construction industry, as we are constantly growing and thus greatly need and appreciate the expertise of the more veteran members of the construction industry. Due to our participation in the international construction industry for many years, our organizational culture is strong, diverse and tolerant. In accordance with our company’s cultural tenets; we are well aware of the fact that our employees are our most important assets, thus we always strive to be a good employer. It is our sincerest intention to prove to our employee’s their value to us in lieu of mutual respect & trust, emphasizing their safety both in the field of work, as well as caring for their well-being off the field and via timely payment of wages.

If you would like to work in a growing company with future prospects, you are welcome to send us your application. We even offer internship for students in civil engineering, construction engineering and more.

For us, working in our group means being committed, involved and having fun at work. This is also the essence of our core values, which define who we are and what we stand for.