Pramit Construction was founded in 1987 and we established our first Scandinavian office in 2012.

Pramit Construction has its headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was founded by five brothers in 1987 as mentioned above and is still a family-owned business. Pramit Construction now possess more than 30 years of accumulated experience within the field of its expertise. Throughout the years, we have built a strong platform In Germany and Turkey. We are primarily specialized in construction and building of bridges, tunnels, office buildings and even partial construction of airports. While we specialize in providing construction services in Civil Infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, roads and underground engineering for sustainable urban development, we also offer our expertise in building structures such as apartment complexes, office buildings, partial construction of airports and other commercial/residential hubs as it befits the needs of our clients. As a company, we are currently employing more than 500 workers across Germany, Sweden and Turkey in order to meet the demands of our business partners.

Why should you choose us? Due to almost 30 years of experience within the construction industry, as well as our participation in numerous prestigious enterprises in our host countries, we are well aware of the fact that within the scope of any construction project; correct completion of assembly, supervision, maintenance and repair work must be executed by a sufficiently competent workforce that is supervised by appropriately trained engineers. That is why Pramit’s board of directors, administrative personnel and workers collaborate closely and professionally with each other in order to successfully achieve the goals of any given project at hand in a timely manner that also affirms to the highest standards of QC as can be requested by our clientele.
While Pramit Construction Filial handles each project on an individual basis and offers you the best solutions for your plans, we are also aware that construction projects – due to their nature - can have dynamic requirements. Thus; our care for our partners can also be observed in the flexibility of our efforts to meet your demands. Our flexibility can furthermore be observed by taking a look at the roster of our construction crews, which is mixed with both older, experienced veteran workers, working alongside with our younger energetic colleagues. Our marketing strategy emphasizes this flexibility and diversity, encouraging us to set up new markets and to meet new clients across a wide spectrum of possibilities.

Pramit Construction’s board of directors always strive for a close collaboration with our partners & customers, as well. We believe that effective communication, constructive discussions and new ideas are the keys to successfully handling your projects. While we emphasize safety and quality above all else in all our operations, we understand that the given timeframe is also of vital importance to our employers and business partners. That is why we are proud to inform you that Pramit Construction Filial not only is capable of keeping up with the deadlines presented to us, but we can even surpass them, as we often have done in the past while conducting construction works within the scope of previous projects.

Lastly, we would like to add that for Pramit Construction, our customers are more than just a source of referrals. For our company, a satisfied customer is the core element for our continued development and success. We are grateful for the opportunities and cooperation that our past and present partners have offered. After all, as a company, we are all too aware that it has only been through good reputation have we been able to permanently position our enterprises on the construction market for many years.

Company History

1987: Foundation of Pramit Construction in Istanbul, Turkey.

1992: Establishment of the German subsidiary in Hannover, Germany.

2012: Establishment of a new branch as Pramit Construction Filial in Stockholm, Sweden.

2016: The Swedish branch headquarters moved to Gothenburg.